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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Fishing Techniques

. Monday, November 16, 2009

Casting Tehnique - (casting technique) is a method of fishing with a bait or throw gewang to target and then return without waiting mengarau bait fall to the policy or diragut fish.
Bait used to mengilat are like fish, shrimp and kinds of insects / animals. Artificial bait is a replica and gewang Sesudu (spoon). Usually spring bait fish or gewang thrown when the process mengarau. This technique is suitable for daytime activities or in the light. If mengilat night, using transparent replicas.

Popping - This technique is similar to casting. The difference is the use of replicas of different artificial bait. This technique uses 'Popper' the various forms and types. Popper will produce the sound 'poop' when the process mengarau after pebble.
Karauan activities for popping faster than casting dikarau that would violate the Popper wave / surface water and produce sound. Sound is produced, will attract fish that roam the area near. This technique can be done day or night.
This technique is much imitate flying fish movement on the surface.

Jigging - This technique mengilat in mengujun (henjut) using artificial bait called 'jig'. Jig is usually made of tin plate / heavy objects shaped like fish and then painted with vivid colors and bright luminous or transparent.
This technique requires persistence and stamina high because anglers have played all the time for mengunjun jig so that it becomes effective. Jig will be passed to policy dikarau back later with a high speed while mengujun boom during the intervening alternate karauan speed. Techniques that became the rage now can be done either day and night.

Bottom Fishing - (bottom fishing) closely related to the use bait fishing techniques with traditional methods. Bait should dilabuhkan policy to focus on the target fish species policy. Can be practiced in the ponds, rivers, lakes and sea in accordance with the current situation. Suitable done day and night.

Drifting - (menghanyut) bait, especially live bait. It should be released to the target without using a pendulum. Buoys and balloons are often used. It is suitable in the waters that have current medium and windy. Can be done day and night.

Trolling - bait fish, squid or gewang. Tundaan at slower speeds between 5 to 10 nautical miles per hour depending on the type gewang used. Please note, there gewang that can not be played at high speed and vice versa. More popular day is done.

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